Peer Support

The Peer Support Mentoring Network was set up to give the service users a ”real” voice within Parklea and its future.   Regular meetings and events are organised to facilitate discussion, access more involvement, build confidence and skills and to ensure full inclusion through contribution.

Peer Support Mentoring Group

This is a group that represents the service users to the management of Parklea. This group will be the voice for the service users within Parklea, gaining their opinion on current and future proposals, sharing their experiences or everyone and keeping their peers up to date with what is happening. This group provides valuable support to everyone with the individual benefits for members such as increasing social confidence, developing communication and personal skills, whilst making new friends.


Parklea History Group

This group will research the history of Parklea and help to shape future Parklea presentations. It will provide valuable materials for use by the Centre Manager. Here is an opportunity to research and be creative. Some computer work will be involved but fully supported. This group will meet every 3-4 weeks on a Tuesday.


Roving Reporters Group

This group records special events and other stories of interest within Parklea and the lives of those involved. Reporters will be vigilant reporting back on forthcoming potential opportunities.

They will gain valuable social and communication skills, the ability to interview and think on their feet. Technicians will learn the best ways to capture information at interviews via video, photography and other recording devices.


Survey Group

This group will complete evaluations and research projects for the Parklea management. You will learn interviewing skills, evaluation form creation, research techniques and increase your social skills. This group will meet every two/three weeks on a Wednesday/Thursday as required.


Fundraising Group

This group is being created by a service user and is supported by two of Parklea’s volunteers. They will meet regularly to arrange fundraising events on behalf of Parklea. By offering your services you can gain confidence and visibility, drawing attention to your skills and abilities.

You can also benefit personally in a number of ways by being a fundraising volunteer. This can be a very hands-on role involving a lot of planning, preparation, time and commitment, especially before a bigger event. This group will meet formally on every 4th Monday of the month, although the actual work of the group will go on between meetings.


Ecology Group

This group, led by one Parklea’s volunteers, will investigate the ecosystems within Parklea and map their existence and interacting parts and how we fit into the environment.

It is an opportunity to learn about your environment and create a map of what is happening around you at every level. This group will meet every two weeks on a Monday.