Grow and Learn

Horticulture involves the knowledge and ability to grow fruits, flowers, plants, and vegetables.  Having a certificate of competence to show potential employers or colleges gives the people more credibility. 

Horticulture is an incredibly interesting and varied subject.  It can be challenging as you learn about the complexity of plants, how they grow, how to propagate them, insects that affect them and how to maintain plants to get great results.

Royal Caledonian Award

The objective of the award is to assist individuals in horticultural practices that is evidence that someone with complex needs or/and difficulties has met a disciplined level of learning in horticulture. It will be evidence that have also set and met targets in person goals and has developed or improved softer skills such as concentration, interaction with others, self-esteem, confidence and health & safety awareness.  Successful candidates are awarded a Recognition of Individual Achievement in Horticultural Award from the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society.

Grow & Learn Awards

Grow and Learn is a horticultural award that recognises individual progress and achievement through experiential learning and personal development. The award offers the learner a structured framework to work within, but is also flexible enough to ensure a person centred approach at all times, making the award ideally suited for those with a learning disability or complex learning need.  Grow and Learn Roots is the starting point of the learning and introduces the learner to core horticultural tasks.  Learners can then choose which additional horticultural related activities they wish to undertake as well as setting themselves personal goals too.

In order to achieve the Award, learners must undertake a minimum of:

  • 7 core activities
  • 13 additional activities
  • 3 personal goals
  • 80 hrs of practical gardening activity
  • A personal portfolio that evidences achievement and progress made
John Muir Trust Award

We started our award activities in May 2015 and in total we have 27 clients and 7 staff members and volunteers undertaking the award and participate in various environmental themed activities. We focused our award on increasing our group’s knowledge of wildlife, biodiversity and the wild environment at Parklea.

The activities include:

  • Learning workshops in local and national animals and insects
  • Quizzes on wildlife identification and food webs
  • Bird watching and identification
  • Bird feeding activities and managing feeders/water etc
  • Manufacture & installation of bird boxes
  • Manufacture & installation of bug boxes
  • Manufacture & installation of a bug hotel
  • Manufacture & installation of hedgehog box
  • Creating wildlife and habitat signage
  • Participation in OPAL leader training
  • Pond survey
  • Beach survey
  • Lichen survey
  • Wild flower propagation and planting
  • Willow propagation from cuttings
  • Holly propagation from seed
  • Story telling around trees and activities
  • Poster creation of activities
  • Sharing events with other groups of our service