Biodiversity Activities

PBO’S Biodiversity activities is a carbon saving programme taking place within the grounds of Parklea Branching Out.

Through these activities we are reducing the collective carbon footprint of Parklea and the wider Port Glasgow community through recycling, reducing waste and the re-use and upcycling of materials and textiles.

Through our workshops we share what we learn through our activities to benefit our wider community, particularly hard to reach groups, with the aim of reducing local carbon emissions but also to change behaviours and attitudes towards waste and climate change.

Our biodiversity activities encourage partcipants to make low carbon food choices, raise awareness of the best ways to avoid food waste, reduce household waste and encourage more re-use recycling.

These activities also offer opportunities for people with learning disabilities to gain skills relevant to independent living and encourages greater integration and inclusion.

We are increasing the skills and confidence of marginalised people. Waste reduction activities help tackle poverty and gardening activities give access to fresh food, helping to decrease health inequalities.

In order to promote greater recycling an re-use we have a working group of volunteers facilitating a regular schedule of activities to recycle paper, glass, card and metal. Working with other local voluntary groups we support participants in upcycling clothing and providing a means to distribute clothes for donation.

PBO enables individuals and groups to develop their skills and knowledge in:

food growing



food waste reduction

local biodiversity

sewing and craft skills.


As part of our community efforts, PBO runs activity programmes that involves local schools. All of these workshops are open to pupils from both mainstream and ASN schools, being designed to fit in with eco activities present in curriculums.


Several of these workshop sessions are also open to the wider community and volunteer groups.