Arts, Crafts and Media

Active Options Programme

Beginning in 2013, the Active Options Programme was initially created by funding from Inverclyde CHCP.


Access for Beginners to Computing project

These seasonal workshops are delivered weekly during a 12 week block which runs throughout the year. The purpose of these workshops are to offer basic IT training to those that have additional support needs.


Music Group

Beginning in 2016, Parklea Branching Out began delivering musical workshops, facilitated by one of Parklea’s volunteers.

Initially the workshops started as a 4 week pilot to gauge interest. Once successful, further workshops were organised

The workshops were separated into two blocks in order to let everyone that was interested take part.

Throughout the workshops the individuals that took part got to play various instruments such as guitars, drums etc. One of our service users even donated an electric keyboard.

In addition to this, those who attend the active options programme made their own maracas with old sweet containers.

Each block ran for an eight week period, with one group in the morning and another in the afternoon.

The ten service users that had shown an interest in the music group all got a chance to take part in the workshops, with them all saying they enjoyed getting to play the variety of instruments and spending time with our volunteers.

The workshops culminated with a small concert that took place in April that showcased to parents, carers etc what the service users had been taking part in.

These workshops have now come to an end for this period, but will possibly start again in the New Year, with drumming workshops currently being arranged.