Summer Bedding Plant Sales 2021


It is that time again, with our Summer bedding plants being  ready.  Our complete availability list can be downloaded by clicking on the highlighted Plant List.

As we have said before, we don’t use heat or chemicals to force our plants to grow at any time of the year – we let them grow as naturally as possible. They don’t like to be rushed and are ready when they are ready! A lot of bedding plants may look more established and already be flowering, but these may struggle to thrive as they are usually imported from down south and haven’t had a chance to acclimatise to our cooler temperatures. Although many of our plants and bulbs are still in the green at the moment, buying them like this will make for stronger and longer lasting plants in the long run.

Due to the ongoing construction work we are only able to display a certain amount of our plants. If there are specific plants that you are looking for we would recommend telephoning 01475 744516 beforehand in order to ensure the plants you are looking for are available.
Please note: We are a small staff team and cannot always guarantee picking up messages by email or through Facebook, so we ask you to phone if you wish to speak to a member of staff directly. As we experienced last year, phone lines can get busy so please bear with us!
Contactless card payment is preferred where possible or you can pay over the phone if placing an order.
Thank you for supporting us as we look forward to another season seeing the gardens in our local community brightened up with Parklea plants!