Future Plans


Since our establishment, we have consistently adapted our services ensuring that they meet and exceed our Clients aspirations. We are adept at recognising people’s needs and working together to achieve integration and support for all our Clients.

The future plans for Parklea Branching Out (PBO) have been developed to ensure our clients, their parents/carers and our local volunteers are at the forefront of future plans for the organisation. They aim to set out our aspirations for the future of PBO and the services we deliver.

Different means of communication were made available so that everyone would be allowed to get their thoughts and views across.

As well as questionaires a communication board was set up with post it notes and easy to use emoji’s that those who were non verbal or unable to write down their suggestions could still have a way to communicate.

Graham Ogilvie from Ogilvie Designs was able to assist by taking the views and ideas of individuals, putting them into more easily identifiable visual terms. Example of his work can be seen below. For further information of Ogilvie Designs please visit https://ogilviedesign.co.uk/

These visuals play an important part in the continuing development of the organsiation and its services, showing how the organisation plans to adapt to meet the requirements of its users.