COVID-19 Update


Update 18.11.20 – We have been reviewing our safe working practices heading into winter in relation to government guidelines around Covid-19.

Enclosed is an easy read leaflet for service users themselves to show visually what we are doing.

We need to take this opportunity to remind people that we ask them not to attend Parklea if they or anyone in their household have any symptoms relating to Covid or if they have been in contact with anyone who has symptoms, awaiting test results or received a positive test in the last 14 days.

We are reinforcing the wearing of face masks now the weather is colder and we are spending more time indoors. (We do have disposable ones here if people do not have their own). When the weather was milder we could keep doors open to increase ventilation but as this is now less of a viable option mask wearing is now mandatory in all areas.

Although we are often in the glasshouses most of the time working in small groups it is cold and damp so we recommend wearing lots of layers as if you were working outside. Although we have heaters we need to be careful how much we use them as evidence shows that air conditioning units and heaters that blow out hot air are likely to increase the risk of virus transmission. Staff will use their discretion on when to use them, carefully balancing comfort and safety appropriately. We want everyone to be comfortable as well as safe so if people are dressed well and the heater not needed on milder days, the risk of transmission is obviously lower. Waterproof clothing is also recommended. Parklea are happy to help by purchasing suitable waterproofs or warm outdoor clothing if required. Please just get in touch with us if you would like our help in providing these.

The café remains closed but we would encourage people to bring their own hot drink with them.

We are still collecting food surplus from a couple of local supermarkets and want to encourage the uptake of this by everyone. To enable this to happen we will have it laid out clearly in the café area allowing 2 people in at a time, reiterating advice on sanitizing and minimal handling. 

The safety of staff, clients and volunteers is of paramount importance to us and we will continue to keep everyone updated as and when things change.

Thank you for your patience and understanding supporting us to remain open safely.

A copy of our risk assessment can be downloaded clicking the following link –  Reopening for Clients During Covid 19 18.11.20

Update – The Scottish Government have now given permission for Health and Social Care Partnerships to re-open day services where it is safe to do so. Initially priority will be given to people that have been identified as most in need for a variety of reasons and those that are presently not accessing other services.

We are excited to announce that Parklea have been identified as a service provider that can now re-open and we are busy putting together a programme of activities that will start as soon as possible. We are working closely with Inverclyde HSCP to make sure safety guidelines are being followed and our completed risk assessment is now available to read on our website. Although things will look a little different to usual we have lots of ideas based around horticulture, art and environmental activities, to encourage much needed social interaction whilst all the time being mindful of distancing rules and hygiene. We are lucky that we have so much outside space and able to keep glasshouses well ventilated!
• The guidelines require that sessions are broken into am or pm only with no-one staying for lunch. This minimises food and hygiene issues as well as reducing the need to use toilet facilities. The cafe will remain closed.
• All staff, clients and support staff that enter the site will have their temperature taken with infra-red thermometers. Contact details will be taken and everyone will be signed in at each session in case Track and Trace is required. (This will not apply to customers).
• Where possible we will have fixed teams/partnerships during a session. This will separate groups into smaller numbers to limit contact and enable social distancing to be better maintained.
• We have bought 6 gazebos in different colours that will be used to zone areas in which people are working- each area will have a bucket of tools with coloured tape round them matching the gazebo. These will stay within that zone and get cleaned after each group.
• We have purchased Perspex screens that will be fixed between workstations to encourage safe social interaction whilst working in a group.
• A number of battery-operated automatic hand sanitizers have been purchased and these will be positioned around the site.
• All areas will be cleaned after each session as well as regular cleaning of touch points, toilets and high traffic areas.
Staff are really looking forward to welcoming clients back to Parklea and maybe seeing some new faces too! We do want to be as open as possible with everything we are doing so will make sure any new information is made available to the public as it arises.