COVID-19 Update


Update – Food delivery!! Parklea delivered 22 food parcels out to households last week consisting of a range of fresh, tinned and packaged produce.

Inverclyde council has teamed up with charity food distributor FareShare to help those who are in need of food assistance during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Parklea is amongst the community groups who have been allocated a share of this surplus food to distribute to those that have been identified as most in need due to self isolation or other circumstances preventing them from accessing fresh food and essentials. It is hoped that this food allocation will come into Inverclyde on a regular basis allowing us to continue to support our community.

If you or anybody you know is in need of help please contact us and we will be able to signpost you to those within our network who can best support your needs.

Update – Parklea would like to take this opportunity to thank our FoodShare partners at the Co-op Bridge of Weir and Port Glasgow and their customers, who have kindly been donating money to help charities tackling food insecurities due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

These donations have been vital in allowing us to buy fresh ingredients that we can use to make healthy readymade meals. These are prepared here in our kitchen and delivered to those within our Parklea community who, in conjunction with Inverclude HSPC have been identified as most in need. .
Some of the healthy meals that have been made include pasta bolognese, beef stew, vegetable curry, chicken & mushroom rice and roast chicken dinners.
We are now preparing 70 fresh meals per week with the support of Environmental Health to ensure that we meet the new regulations. Keeping our community safe is of paramount importance to us. So far a total 362 meals have been distributed!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has donated to help us to provide this essential help to a vulnerable community.

Update – Last week we told you about how we are providing Comfort Packs to our community of service users that would normally attend Parklea but are having to isolate at home. The combination of the effects of isolation and support resources being so stretched during these challenging times has a huge effect on peoples emotional wellbeing. We are are hoping that we can go a small way to help rebalance this by ensuring all our regular service users who are needing our support can get it through phone calls, food packs or some flowers to brighten their day.

So far the team at Parklea have already made 113 ‘home-cooked’ meals here in the Parklea kitchen that are being delivered to those people who have been identified to be in need of them. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our local Co-Operative and Marks & Spencer stores, who we continue to work in partnership with by collecting some of their food surplus and re-distributing it to our community who are home isolating. 40 Comfort Boxes have been sent out in the last week allowing us to maintain vital contact with service users and let them know they are not alone.

Update –  During these challenging times that we are all experiencing the team at Parklea have pulled together (from a safe distance!) and are working to support our community in any way we can.

Obviously our gates are closed to all our regular clients and to the public, but at the moment government regulations allow a small core team of staff to still be able to come on site as we are able to easily maintain the strict hygiene and distancing rules.

Our role has always been to support our community and we are continuing to do this, all but slightly differently to usual!

We are all aware of the strain the current situation is putting on resources and are proud to have been asked to work together with our local Health and Social Care Partnership assisting them in maintaining contact with those who are needing help at this time. Between us we have identified individuals and their families who know the staff team at Parklea and although we cannot have direct contact we are keeping a line of communication open for if we are needed.

We have offered our services in a number of ways:
Staff will make weekly phone calls with everyone that has been identified.

We will be batch cooking healthy fresh meals that can be delivered to the doors and reheated.

We will provide weekly “Comfort Packs” – a box of mixed food, maybe a plant to cheer up a windowsill or doorway and a small newsletter to keep clients connected with Parklea with a snippet of what is happening here while they are isolating at home.

Community is more important now than ever and Parklea will continue to work with our local partners to provide help and support in any way we can. Please stay safe – we will get through this together!

Update – The latest government advice is for Health and Social Care facilities to maintain operations where possible. The service we provide to the adults and young people in our community with additional support needs is fundamental to maintaining some normality to their routine as well as supporting both their own and their families mental health and well-being at this challenging time.

We recognise that our partners within the social care system are experiencing a strain on their resources and we will continue to work together to be able to support those in our community who need us most. Our secluded natural environment gives us the benefit to be able to offer space, fresh air and a place for respite from the difficult circumstances we are all experiencing.

We continue to follow health and safety advice and we are doing this by:

– Using all up to date hygiene recommendations.

– Regular deep cleaning of toilets, communal areas and hand tools.

– Working with families and care agencies to identify those most at risk and keeping them at home.

– Maintaining social distancing by working individually or in small groups and utilising the space we have to separate workstations and working areas.

– Keeping the cafe closed and taking away the self serve element, but providing drinks and light refreshments on request that can be taken and consumed within our grounds.

-Encouraging clients and staff to bring packed lunches.

We appreciate the value of a supported natural environment now more than ever and will do our best to continue to operate for as long as possible.

We have been coming up with some creative and exciting ideas to allow us to continue to support our community as well as provide plants to our loyal customers – details of this will follow in later posts.

Stay safe! The team at Parklea