Life Skills

What we do

At Parklea Branching Out we improve peoples health and wellbeing. We do this by encouraging;


We support our service users to be active and promote independent travel through our walks for health, cycling programme and enable this through an active network of support.

Culinary Skills

We offer blocks of cookery classes using our own produce grown in our community growing plots, encouraging healthier choices whilst learning new culinary skills.

Those who are interested in taking part can get further information by contacting the organisation by phone or e-mail.

Literacy & Numeracy

Weekly classes are held to help participants to improve their literacy and numeracy. These classes are delivered by Inverclyde Community Learning Development Adult Literacies team.  

Physical Activities

Through our partnerships and funders we now offer a wider range of accessible activities. While these activities specifically our learning disability participants they are still open to our wider community. Through this we deliver All Ability Cycling, Regular Health Walks, Community Gardening and environmental workshops.