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Tai Chi

Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese martial arts practiced for self defense as well as rehabilitation, relaxation, stress is the opposite of Aerobics.

It requires us to slow down and not move fast. The slow graceful movements are a potent healing practice for people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

The benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung come from the continuous flow of slow circular movements and deep breathing that massage internal organs and improve blood circulation.

Starting the second week in June, Parklea Branching Out began to run its own Tai Chi classes.

Facilitated by James Watson, a Tai Chi instructor based in Port Glasgow, the groups have involved not only staff and service users but also customers who visit the organisation that want to take part.

After an initial 4 week trial period it had been agreed to move the session to a different day to open the classes up to additional participants and further social inclusion within the community. These blocks have now come to an end, but further sessions will hopefully be available in the new year.

Walking Group

Facilitated by Parklea Staff members this activity doesn’t only involve participants from Parklea Branching Out, but individuals from within the Inverclyde Area.

Through the Walking Activity, there are additionally range of craft activities that stem from this. These activities can take place in a number of locations such as well as within Parklea Branching Out.

As part of the Walking Group, individuals also are able to take part in the World Walking Activity, that is an ongoing activity at Parklea Branching Out. World Walking was originally set up by a group of people with heart disease who decided to keep active by going for a walk.

They bought a map, some pedometers, worked out a route and set off on a virtual trip around the World from their base in Inverclyde Leisure’s Waterfront Gym in Greenock, Scotland.

Since they took their first steps, the Inverclyde Globetrotters have walked over 240,000 kilometers (equivalent to 6 times round the world) across every continent, to over 100 countries worldwide; all without ever leaving their home-town.

All steps that the group or associates walk is added to their virtual tour. At this time the group’s accumulated steps have been calculated and they have managed to walk the same distance of what it would be from Port Glasgow to Istanbul. This amounts to 5,208,780 steps so far. A short video taken on one of Parklea’s walks can be accessed via our You Tube Channel.

Service users enjoy this “Walk n Talk” activity, with it helping with their fitness, socialising with others and getting them into the local environment.

If you are interested in the World Walking activity further information can be found at